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Turquoise is a symbol of wisdom, immortality, and dignity, and was one of the earliest stones mined and worn by humans.

We have a large collection of turquoise and row stone beads. Traditional blue-green turquoise, as well as golden-green turquoise, are available here.

Purest Turquoise

in the world

The largest, richest and high-quality TURQUOISE MINE in the world,

The age of Turquois Mine is more than 4300 years.

Neyshabur Turquoise Mine  |  IRAN

About us

Our gemstone company, which established the brand “DinaDorri” started operating in 1960 and is now expanding in the turquoise export field.

For your jewelry-making projects, we offer a large selection of natural precious and semi-precious turquoise gemstones at wholesale prices.

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Neishabour Turquoise

Kerman Turquoise Stone

Damghan Turquoise Stone

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